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lead or jacketed for full auto fire

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Anyone have any thoughts as to advantages/disadvantages of RNL bullets verses jacketed bullets for full auto fire applications? Cyclic rate is ~ 1100 rpm.
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1100 rpm? Is that an Ingram or a 1911 with some sear trouble? Well, I have reloaded both for a lucky friend who has a couple of SMGs in 9x19 and 45 ACP, and the jacketed bullets are much more reliable. We did not have problems with leading in the barrel, but the lead bullets are much dirtier and leave deposits and shavings in the chamber, only good for a few mags, then you have to clean. You should not use lead bullets in HK MP5s and similarly polygon rifled guns. Also if your SMG fires from an open bolt you could detonate an unsoported, partially chambered round, bad news!!
Actually this is an Ingram. So far the 1911's that I have display no tendancy to double or misbehave. Thanks for the input. I've not much experience in the full auto department. These things have a huge appetite! As is typical, I am looking for ways to economize. Is it just me or does everyone that gets into reloading to save money just end up shooting more? This is good, IMHO.
op2, you might look into plated bullets. These are lead bullets which have a copper plating instead of a copper jacket. I'm in the information gathering stage myself trying to get to a cleaner load which is less expensive than jacketed.
...does everyone that gets into reloading to save money just end up shooting more?
Well, it isn't me that's popping 1100 caps every minute.

I would think feeding that Ingram would be worse than feeding a Great Dane. You really do need to find a low-cost load, I think.

If God didn't want us to own guns, why did He make the 1911?
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You can try lead bullets, I'm sure they'll work, just clean often.
I've used lead bullets in a Thompson but I cast them myself and hardened them. No problems at all, but you'd probably never find cast bullets that hard for sale (reasonable).

Plated bullets would probably be the best choice.
Thanks, Guys. I finally found a link under the Cobray home page. Seems to be a lot of folks out there that play with these things. From reading their reloading pages the general consensus seems to be that the lead bullets just aren't worth the hassle. I'll try to find a good source for the plated or jacketed bullets. Found 1x brass on the auctions for less than $0.01 each. This weapon isn't hard on the brass like my mini-14.
Oh, and by the way, I ain't busting caps at 1100 per minute. I'll have you know that ya only get a second and a half run time from a full magazine. Time you change a few of these, the cap busting rate goes way down.
Actually, op2, I knew you weren't firing 1100-round bursts. Those really high capacity magazines are hard to find.
Besides, if you get into the habit of touching off 1100-round, one-minute bursts, you'll be changing barrels as often as you change magazines.

If God didn't want us to own guns, why did He make the 1911?
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