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I agree totally with what the other posts said. When I go to a match I load Jacketed bullets, cuz I remember one match where due to no air circulation after the second round you couldnt see the rest of the pins on the table. That Sucked!
I now load jacketed hollowpoints for the most part for matches, mainly due to the fact that they are the most accurate bullet style and they have the cutting effect like Bob was explaining. But dont ever forget that I am a cheap bastard and shoot as much lead as possible for practice since I cant afford to shoot jacketed all the time. If you use gas checks you can use lead with little problems, as we are doing with the 230gr .38spec bullets since after I checked into getting them jacketed, coppercoated, and every other coating shy of having them jacketed was not cost effective!(R&R now molycoats them BTW) So to make a long story short, lead for practice and some local matches, big matches with bucks on the line, Jacketed! hope this helps, DC

front sight is good, front sight is good!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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