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Leathal Force Institute

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Have any of you guys gone to the Leathal Force Institute?I`m a big fan of Massad Ayoob and would like to go at the end of July this year.Any info would be nice.Good or bad.Also how much ammo did you use?I`m doing the LFI-1 class.

Have fun & Shoot Strait
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I have been to LFI I & II.

LFI-I does an excellent job teaching the moral, legal, and mental aspects of a self-defense shooting.

Twenty hours of the class is watching videos of Ayoob lecturing. Supposedly, they use videos so that a jury will be able to see the exact same info that a student learns.

Also, Ayoob will testify at your trial as an expert witness, if you have a justifiable shooting in his eyes.

The shooting part of class uses about 500 rounds.

But, if you want to learn how to fight with a handgun go some place else. Farnam, Rangemaster, Gunsite, Thunder Ranch will do a much better job teaching you to fight.

If you are set on taking an Ayoob course just take the Judicious Use of Lethal Force for half the money. This class is just the lecture portion of LFI-I.

LFI-II was a waste of money and time for me.

The course consisted of shooting various police qualificaions courses, shooting from the ground, some wounded shooter drills, some shotgun, and very brief Modified Lindell weapon retention drills. These retention drills were way too complex to really learn.

Also, the course was supposed to go over searching techniques and force on force training. Instead, I was taught how to handcuff somebody. Which is a useless skill if your not a cop.

I would spend my $700 somewhere else.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask.
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I was curious about LFI-II. Thanks for your input. Sounds like my training dollars will go elsewhere.
I agree with gewehr3 that LFI-1 is a must. You won't do all that much shooting (400 or 500 rounds). But everything else that you learn is outstanding.

I too was disappointed with LFI-2. I wouldn't call it a waste of time, but my shooting skills didn't improve as much as I'd like. The shooting we did was mostly square range work -- little movement.

I'm now deciding where to go next. I'll probably pass on LFI-3.

I've done I thru III and am one of a dozen or so "Lethal Force Instructors", as opposed to a LFI Instructor.

My suggestion? Take the lecture portion of LFI 1 and find another program after that intro.

On the up side the LFI I lecture is the best presentation of it's type done by anyone. All of us borrow material from Mas' original material.
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