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Leather Holsters for STI Tactical 4.15??

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Anyone know who makes a good leather holster for an STI Tactical 4.15? I'm having a hell of a time finding one for that size. I have used a SA Operator holster for my Edge with great luck but I would like something a bit shorter to fit the 4.15. Ideas????
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Are you brave?

Bluecard, take a look at my post on a holster for the Tactical 5.0. If you're brave, you do what Saromans134 did with his trigger guard. By doing that, you open up many possibilities for different holsters. As the saying goes from "Speed"; what do you do, what do you do.:scratch:
I hear ya!! I don't know if I'm as brave as Saroman when it comes to modifying the $1900.00 pistola! Although I trust our modification guru, It's a little easier to hear "whoops" with a Glock!!:biglaugh:
OH yee of little faith..... :biglaugh:
Shhhh.....You're gonna get Tom mad at me!! :biglaugh:
http://www.bulmangunleather.com/ talk to Josh he can help you out. Made one for Faustulus's vip and my full profile SV.
That sounds like a good suggestion also.
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