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Lee Turret selection and setup help

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So I have decided to get a lee turret. What do I need to get with it. Which lee turret should I get? I figure a 4 hole turret. Set of dies. But what extra stuff should I get? Case feeder? Which powder measure, which primer system, etc. Just want to know what stuff is worth getting and what is superfluous.
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pretty much what randyp typed above. avoid that lee beam scale, it's the pits. i'd also forget the cartidge gauge and just make a few dummy rounds and do the barrel plunk test, which you will hafta do anyway. other than that, the lee classic turret is an excellent press for the dollar$,
you can scale each load or throw each load. you WILL need a good scale, either analog beam or digital. during the powder measure throw setup, you will need to scale perhaps every 5, then 10, then 20 rounds to insure the throw consistency in grains. imo, the lee on-press auto disk powder measure just makes vastly more sense than an off-press measure = speed.
trust what we say - you WANT the classic turret, not the deluxe.
the lee on press priming system sorta kinda works NOT reliably. i've used it and dealt with its issues but better to prime off press. also, i'd recommend not using the auto index "feature", and just rotate the head by hand - this allows much greater control of the entire load operation.

my opinionated recommendations ...

set up the lee classic with all 4 lee deluxe dies, adjust each according to the directions. put a lee PRO auto disk powder measure over the expander die. remove the plastic auto index "washer". make up some dummy rounds and do the plunk test in yer gun's barrel/chamber. find a good start load recipe that agrees with the col used in a successful plunk test. start with a spherical ball powder as that will meter better than flake powder (w231 is a goodie). when it's time to make ammo, size and deprime, prime either on or off press, expand and charge - then CHECK EACH THROW on a good scale, you do that until the throws appear consistent and then you can check every 5th throw, then every 10th throw, then every 20th throw. seat a bullet then run it into the lfc die. check your first rounds for proper col - use a digital caliper.

ain't all this fun? :D
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I find that the Lee scale is actually quite accurate and repeatable. I'm not going to argue that there aren't "better" scales based on differing criteria, but accuracy is not a problem with it. I will argue that all balance beam scales lie when they are not moving as I learned in chemistry. Most people (and I'm not implying you are one of them) don't know how to properly use a balance beam, especially when trickling powder.

ETA: my Lee scale is accurate to within the 0.1 grain accuracy claim Lee makes.
i had that lee safety scale. i also used a friends. for me, and my friend, this scale was/is the pits because it's SO slooooow going, but it is quite accurate. an rcbs 505 is SO much better, imho. it's all good and ymmv.
i find that all scales - analog and digital - work best when isolated from the vibrations of the press. i have a separate, sturdy/solid table next to my press bench that the scales sit on. without a doubt, the digitals are faster and quite accurate. all scales must be check weighed before use and it doesn't hurt to check weigh during use. even a $30 frankford digital works worlds better/faster than that dang pita lee safety beam. while i have a 505 beam, it's my digitals - chargemaster 1500, mack 20, frankford - that are used 99.99% of the time, and with stellar results. ymmv.
... I didn't get the caliper or a tumbler for the brass yet as I felt I had spent enough money already so we shall see how it goes. I will probably look into getting them next month....
how are you gonna check the dummy and live round COL???
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