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Lee Turret selection and setup help

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So I have decided to get a lee turret. What do I need to get with it. Which lee turret should I get? I figure a 4 hole turret. Set of dies. But what extra stuff should I get? Case feeder? Which powder measure, which primer system, etc. Just want to know what stuff is worth getting and what is superfluous.
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The Deluxe actually refers to the kit that includes the cheaper press mentioned above by RandyP.
The Lee balance scale works! it is .3 grains over but it works. :p

I did not have a choice about the scale because it came with the Lee Turret kit but i have since upgraded to a Hornady GS 1500 and it works well for now.

Caliper is a must and adjustable charge bar is a life saver. Let us know what calibers you intend on reloading and we might be able to give you more info on things that you will need.
Your Lee beam scale works that well? :) Unfortunately, mine was all over the place. I think it's hit or miss with these scales. Some folks seem to get fine results, other chuck them quick. Lee's idea of a knife edge being a thin piece/sheet of metal definitely saves money but it's no wonder some work ok and some dont.
The bench plate mount is nice and solid but, as Gamma mentioned, definitely not needed if permanent mounting the press to the bench. Great for temp. mounting of the press or being able to mount and unmount different presses to the same bench space at different times.
I find that the Lee scale is actually quite accurate and repeatable. I'm not going to argue that there aren't "better" scales based on differing criteria, but accuracy is not a problem with it. I will argue that all balance beam scales lie when they are not moving as I learned in chemistry. Most people (and I'm not implying you are one of them) don't know how to properly use a balance beam, especially when trickling powder.

ETA: my Lee scale is accurate to within the 0.1 grain accuracy claim Lee makes.
YOURS is fine and I have no issue with your claim that it is, or the claim of others who have good, working Lee beam scales. MINE was garbage so obviously I have no issue with the claims from other users whos experience with the scale mimics mine. Do some people get good ones? Yes. Do some people get bad ones? Yes. Precisely what I thought I stated previously.

Funny that I have had none of the problems with an old Redding #1 or a Lyman D7 that I had with the Lee. So, while I am definitely not a rocket scientist nor a brain surgeon, using one of these beam scales, fortunately, doesnt require the intelligence of either.
well I got the classic set today and some bullets and some tite group powder. The friendswood bullets are already lubed which I didn't realize.

Got the deluxe die set and the powder micrometer which most sources reccommended.

Now I just need to mount that bad boy on my bench and can start trying out some dummy loads.

I didn't get the caliper or a tumbler for the brass yet as I felt I had spent enough money already so we shall see how it goes. I will probably look into getting them next month.

Just need to go by the hardware store tomorrow to get some bolts and nuts and washers long enough to go through my bench.
You dont have to have a tumber, you can clean the brass with some lemishine and hot water. But you really should pick up a caliper. Even if it's a cheap digital for starters. Even your hardware store should sell them, home depot or lowes surely does. You're going to kinda need to know what your overall length is and also be able to check the crimp.
With a 4 die set, the bullet seating die may also have the ability to apply a crimp. But the 4th die is a dedicated taper crimp die so it will be suggested to back the seater die body out enough so that it doesnt apply a crimp, only seats the bullet. The crimp is them applied with the dedicated crimp die. Dont confuse this with a crimp not being recommended. Im not implying that you are, just not sure what you know, so Im mentioning it. I know that most veterans here do suggest that you indeed apply the taper crimp to the suggested "spec" (.468 - .471 usually recommended).
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