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Lee Turret selection and setup help

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So I have decided to get a lee turret. What do I need to get with it. Which lee turret should I get? I figure a 4 hole turret. Set of dies. But what extra stuff should I get? Case feeder? Which powder measure, which primer system, etc. Just want to know what stuff is worth getting and what is superfluous.
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What about the perfect powder measure? Also I have 2 books so far lees book and sweeneys reloading book.
What is difference between classic and deluxe
primarily .45acp. some .45 colt. Eventually I may reload .270 and 8mm Mauser for my rifles, but I don't shoot them that regularly.
one of the guys I work with just suggested I get the bench plate for mounting the press on my bench.

My understanding was this was only necessary if you switched out presses on the same bench?
I will probably be buying mine from 10ring in cypress they have pretty good prices and I will be getting most of my supplies either there or Mr. T's in Tx City.

There is a guy who makes bullets and sales them here in Friendswood, but he doesn't allow pickup anymore so I will just buy them at Mr. Ts.



Now it is just waiting until I get the money all together.
Btw is there a good powder for colt and acp
well I got the classic set today and some bullets and some tite group powder. The friendswood bullets are already lubed which I didn't realize.

Got the deluxe die set and the powder micrometer which most sources reccommended.

Now I just need to mount that bad boy on my bench and can start trying out some dummy loads.

I didn't get the caliper or a tumbler for the brass yet as I felt I had spent enough money already so we shall see how it goes. I will probably look into getting them next month.

Just need to go by the hardware store tomorrow to get some bolts and nuts and washers long enough to go through my bench.
Yeah i am gonna pick one up when i get the bolts today. Just wasn't going to pay the gunstore premium
Got it mostly setup, just one primary question.

On reloading for .45acp I have read not to crimp it at all or to crimp it lightly. Someone posted they back the crimp out all the way and just leave it?

I have the dies all setup mostly other then that, will have to adjust with my dummy rounds I am sure.

Just need to add the powder drop and safety prime and it will be all set.
well got everything setup and running tonight. Just did some practice ones and everything is looking good.

My OAL is 1.248 pretty consistently.
My powder is throwing titegroup at 4.0 grains consistently

Only thing worrying me is the crimp. I think I have it sitting right around .470 but just worry I am measuring it wrong. I am measuring it at the very end of the case. Not the bullet but the case mouth. Is that the right spot?
1 - 11 of 89 Posts
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