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Lee Turret selection and setup help

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So I have decided to get a lee turret. What do I need to get with it. Which lee turret should I get? I figure a 4 hole turret. Set of dies. But what extra stuff should I get? Case feeder? Which powder measure, which primer system, etc. Just want to know what stuff is worth getting and what is superfluous.
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Look at the classic turret at www.kempfgunshop.com. It comes with one set of dies and no scale of you can buy a good scale to start with and not have to fool with the Lee scale. Make sure to get the pro auto disk and both safety primes Sm & Lg.

that looks like a great deal...
Be careful! Recently I have started using Trail Boss with great success in both.

what is this you are talking about.
1 - 3 of 89 Posts
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