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Lee Turret selection and setup help

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So I have decided to get a lee turret. What do I need to get with it. Which lee turret should I get? I figure a 4 hole turret. Set of dies. But what extra stuff should I get? Case feeder? Which powder measure, which primer system, etc. Just want to know what stuff is worth getting and what is superfluous.
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A little different opinion from the above. The auto prime definitely is the weak link in the system, but it is adequate if you pay attention when dropping the primer into the primer arm. The last primer or two in the tray will never feed! I like the auto index feature, it is faster than hand indexing. However, if you do need to rotate the die holder to a different station, by hand, be sure to have the handle about 1/2 depressed to keep from ruining the square indexing "washer." Finally, get a good scale to verify the powder drops. A decent beam scale (I find Lee's very hard to use) or a quality electronic (in my experience a cheap electronic tends to be unreliable and short-lived) like the Dillon.

With Lee, I agree that the Classic is the way to go. Kits at Kempfs and Lee Factory Sales are good deals for the basic setup.
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