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Lefty, new to IPSC

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I plan to get involved in IPSC shooting. I'm a southpaw, and I'm wondering if an ambidextrous saftey is key feature I should look for during my search for a 1911 pistol. Looking at either a Kimber Custom Target (w/o ambi saftey) or a Kimber Gold match (with ambi saftey). Any advise from lefty's?
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Though I shoot almost exclusively righty, I'm a natural lefty,,,,was just taught most everything right handed....

I know on weak-hand only stages I'd like to have an ambi.

Damn,,,if they had only put the baseball in my left-hand I'd probably be a lot better off today.....Just kiddin'.

Anyway, I would classify an ambi as a need for a lefty.

An ambi safety is a MUST! How else are you going to shoot thumb high?

(I'm a lefty)
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I am left handed and shoot a Kimber Stainless Gold Match in IDPA.I wouldn't buy a gun just because it comes with an ambi safety but I would definetly add one to any gun I purchased that did not come with one
I assume you will be drawing the gun left handed so I would say the ambi safety would be a must. Also it would be a benifit if you plan on shooting with the high thumb. I think you will find USPSA very enjoyable to shoot I know I have.
Regards, Bob Hunter www.huntercustoms.com
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