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I had stopped by the AR15.com forum earlier, and it appears that one of their member's may be a NY LEO, and is currently MIA.

I am hoping that he is just busy with the Rescue/Recovery effort's, and not "Buried" in his work.

Time will tell, but everyone should keep these brave men & women in their prayers...

The thought of these Professional's Running Up the stairs as people were evacuating does give me a bad feeling that many of these guys may have been caught in the collapse.

One story that came out earlier was of the NY Port Authority Officer who "Rode the Tower" down from the 84th floor, and was found and rescued, some injuries, but still alive...

Simply a LUCKY individual... Definately not a ride I would EVER want to experience... Almost 900 feet up, and coming down amidst the debris, and rubble, though probably a much softer landing than if he'd gone out a window like others trying to escape the fire.

I am sure there will be some incredible stories as this begins to sort itself out... I sincerely hope they manage to pull many more survivor's out of the remains of the destruction and that the organization's of COWARDS who perpetrated this travesty are SEVERLY PUNISHED!

Definately, a Dark Day for one of the largest EMS organizations in the Nation. Our Prayers are with them, and their families!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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