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Les Baer Ammo

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i really like this forum and it helped me a lot with my decision to order a Les Baer soon 😊

Even though they‘re pretty expensive here in Germany (around $3,5k for the Custom Carry) and will have around 8 months for delivery i really a „need“ Baer 😊

My question is if anybody has any experience with ammo from Magtech, Sellier & Bellot or Geco.
As the .45 isn‘t very common here it‘s very hard to find Hydra Shok, American Eagle or Golden Saber (i read that Les recommend these?!). Not only they are pretty expensive (around $1,20/rd) but they are also hard to get, sometimes with delivery times of 6-9 months
So the Magtech, S&B and Geco would be the best available Options (although they also cost around $40 per pack of 50).

So it would be interesting if anybody has any experience with this ammo and if they are reliable and safe to shoot without „hurting“ the gun.
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The Baer should chew through anything
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