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Les Baer Ammo

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i really like this forum and it helped me a lot with my decision to order a Les Baer soon 😊

Even though they‘re pretty expensive here in Germany (around $3,5k for the Custom Carry) and will have around 8 months for delivery i really a „need“ Baer 😊

My question is if anybody has any experience with ammo from Magtech, Sellier & Bellot or Geco.
As the .45 isn‘t very common here it‘s very hard to find Hydra Shok, American Eagle or Golden Saber (i read that Les recommend these?!). Not only they are pretty expensive (around $1,20/rd) but they are also hard to get, sometimes with delivery times of 6-9 months
So the Magtech, S&B and Geco would be the best available Options (although they also cost around $40 per pack of 50).

So it would be interesting if anybody has any experience with this ammo and if they are reliable and safe to shoot without „hurting“ the gun.
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My Baers enjoy a diet of any brand I can feed them even my low power reloads.
Sounds good, Thank you 😊 And do you see a big difference in accuracy with the different ammo? (Not that i‘d shoot so great that it would make a bit difference 🙈😅)
Magtech is good range ammo, I have shot alot of it.
For what it's worth Les used to recommend 500 rounds of Federal American Eagle for break in on his guns.
Thank you. Yes Magtech is pretty Common here and the availability is great. I shoot a lot of 9mm Magtech and they’ve been pretty reliable and accurate so far.

Yes i See, i guess for break in this should be manageable of course. But General waiting times of 6 months would be really awful 😅
I’ve fired S&B ammo through my Baers with no issues at all. Their brass is very good too if you reload. Enjoy the Baer if you purchase it.
Currently i don‘t reload but maybe this will be the next step 😊
Thank you, yes i will order probably next week 🥳
Thank you guys a lot for all the informations 😊
This is the best forum i‘ve seen so far 👍🏼

So i guess i shouldn‘t waste any time and Order the gun asap 😃
Delivery times are pretty long but i think this will be a great choice.
I think you’ve made a good choice. The wait just makes it better when you finally get your hands on it. Since you have to pay premium prices, you may as well get a premium pistol.

To echo what others have already said, my Baers have had a fairly steady diet of S&B without issues.
Yes, i guess so. I‘m working with High end Body jewelry from USA and always tell my customers that it‘s absolutely worth the waiting time for such individual jewelry (sometimes around 6 months too)… now i know how bad this is 😅

But it’s great to know that the ammo won‘t be a problem.
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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