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I recently installed a Baer slide on a Para 16. Everything on this slide was undersized. The slide rails had to be cut (of course), the bomar dovetail had to be widened, the Brazo's front sight that I used had to be filed down(it could be that the slide was undersized or the Brazos was oversized), the old stock barrel had to be fitted and the old non-match bushing that I had on had to be fitted on to the Baer slide.

Everything is done except the firing pin. The firing pin fits inside the tunnel, but dry firing the gun causes the firing pin to stick. That is, after firing the pin is stuck and the pin is sticking out of the firing pin hole on the breach face. I don't think it will be a problem with live rounds (since it shouldn't stick out that far), but I would prefer to not have this problem


1. Does Baer use a special type of firing pin (a la Springfield) for small primer rounds?

2. If Baer doesn't, how do I go about fixing this problem?

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Originally posted by bjg-1911:
...Call George at EGW,
He has 4 different sizes of firing pins
available, i.e. .068",.073",.075",& .093"...
that should take care of your problem.
Thanks Barry!

Baer .066
Colt .068
Caspian .069 and .073
Springfield .075
this is for 9mm and 40

as mentioned Springfield and Caspian have gone to the small pin for the 45 also.

So take a .068 pin and stone it down in a drill press to .066. See how it fits coming in from the front where the barrel goes in.

if that does not cure it, use an extra power spring which is longer and will keep it from going as far forward.

If that doesn't fix it, take a .075 ish drill and break the back corner (just break it do not drill it) and the chamfer will help.

You really need to address it, if you dry fire the gun and than try to load the gun with the pin out it will probably bend the pin.

hope this helps
geo ><>
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