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Someone talked my lib mother in law into buying this in the 70s for self defense for some reason. Should have put a revolver in her hands instead. She Might have actually shot it once in awhile and kept it ready. Instead she let it sit for years then dumped it on me.

It had no malfunctions the one time I put a few magazines of .25 through it but it is a very awkward little thing to manipulate. Not easy to handle at all. Horrible controls, bad gun to hand a first time buyer as a primary SD weapon. Seems like the male cousin who took her in just thought a female should be good with any tiny small caliber gun.

I actually turned it in for my Grocery store gift card at a buy back this morning to get that safe space back.

My regret is I didn’t think to be a real jerk and take it in in an AR case to get everybody’s heart pumping like they might have something really good on the table for the evening news.

I am glad it’s gone, I was tired of seeing it every time I opened the door to my safe. Would much rather try to find something like a snubbie 686 plus to hang in that spot.


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