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Let's keep the Vector SP1 content rolling.

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Greetings gun lovers!

Stema is the name and I have recently acquired a Vector SP1 9mm pistol. I see there is not a lot of content on them on here. Please post some pics of custom pieces. If anyone is interested in mine, go take a look at www.kandwela.com
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Welcome aboard. We all love to hear about the "less common" pistols out there. Very interesting indeed.

welcome from Tennessee, yes lets see a couple of pics I am not familiar with this one
Nice looking pistol, so how does it shoot? Are you wanting to customize it?

It shoots great. I would like to customize it, but finding online bits for it seems impossible. I have a shirt slow mo clip of it shooting. Vector SP1 9mm,slow mo. #vector #sp1 #9mm
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