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It may sound simple, but you need to read the policy. As noted above, most liability policies do not provide coverage for an intentional act. In many states, an act of self-defense, being an intentional use of force, means you are not covered. The insurance company won't provide a lawyer to defend you, or pay the claim. The company may even sue you, to have a court declare that there is no coverage. You should consult a local lawyer who is familar with insurance defense for details on your state's laws.

Statutes setting out defenses, like those in the Tennessee link, are good, but don't provide immunity from a lawsuit that they appear to give. If someone wants to bring a bogus lawsuit, these statutes won't stop them. No one is going to sue and admit the shootee was trying to commit a murder, robbery or burglary at the time. The claim will be that your use of deadly force was excessive and unreasonable, and/or that no such crime was being committed. For example, the defenses in Tennessee's 29-34-201 are limited to situations involving either felonies committed on the defender's property, section (a), or to specified felonies elsewhere, secton (b).

I'm aware of a situation where a homeowner shot a person at his residence. The homeowner says the fellow tried to force his way into the house. The "visitor" claims the homeowner picked him up while hitchhiking and offered to pay him for some work on his house, but upon arrival, solicited sex. An argument ensued, then the shooting. Unless some settlement is reached, a jury will have to sort out who's telling the truth.

The problem with being sued without insurance coverage is that it doesn't take much to entitle the plaintiff to a jury trial. That means your attorney has to engage in lots of expensive pre-trial discovery and investigation, just to be ready to present the defenses at trial.
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