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osupoke said:
I have virtually no experience with revolvers, but am thinking about branching out with a Ruger sp101. I know that lighter bullets are less punishing to shoot in a short barrelled .357, but have read that they cause accellerated wear of the forcing cone. What bullet weights would you guys recommend for the sp101? I wouldn't run thousands of rounds a month or anything, but I would want to shoot some for fun, not strictly protection of life and limb!

If you decide to get the SP101 then shooting 357's is a waste. For such a short barrelled revolver you'll lose allot of bullet velocity. I'd use 38 plus P's instead. For bullet weight I'd get an assortment of different grain bullets and shoot 5 round each from the bench and looks at it's groupings. You'd be surprised in how each brand/bullet grain performs.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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