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lightening a slide

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Tom Freeman wrote this quote in the competition forum.
"My STI Unique cut slide weighs less than a standard cut slide. All the weight was removed internally."

My question
Would you please go into detail about how you lightened your slide internally? The internal lightening would be the only way to do it IDPA legal. I have been trying to figure out where i could remove as much weight as possible. Also would a lighter slide and spring setup be beneficial to a .45 acp. I read that the ipsc guys all run light moving parts..slides to reduce recoil when the slide is at the rear of its stroke and lighter springs to reduce recoil when going into battery. thanks for all your help.
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I removed all the meat beneath the rear sight, took a bunch off the sides of the disconnector rail, deepened behind the breech face on the ejector side, used a fly cutter to get inside the barrel channel and thin that out and flat topped it. A fixed sight will weigh less than an adjustable also. A gunsmith who builds steel guns would be the man to talk to about things like this. Let me know if I can be any more help.

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