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Lightweight Commander XSE

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I finally took home the Lightweight Commander XSE today. For the benefit of others, I've got the pixs at the following links:
http://www.yozu.com/temp/colt1.jpg http://www.yozu.com/temp/colt2.jpg http://www.yozu.com/temp/colt3.jpg http://www.yozu.com/temp/colt4.jpg

It truly is a thing of beauty and the first thing I noticed was the difference in weight. Must be my imagination 'cos it felt a tad slimmer than the non lightweight ones. First impressions, fit was tight and I didn't see nor feel any rough edges except for the rear sight mount. You could see some burrs and frankly the sights kinda suck. What's the story with that? Field stripped it and the rails, etc were perfect. Anyway, with that in my hands, forget work for the rest of the day. I've got things to do at the range

At the range.......quit a noticeable difference (increase) in recoil when compared to the govt model or combat cmdr. Trigger could use some work but what was disappointing was the front sight. Not even 50 rounds before the dot decides to go AWOL on me. At first I thought it was a little too dark at the front end and that I was probably losing my sight 'cos I couldn't even see the bloody dot, and that's when I remembered (I think it was) DSK who wrote that something similar happened to him.

Moving along, I shot 75 rounds before having my first feed problem. But hey, breaking in phase don't count right? Kept shooting past 100 and called it a day.

As far as accuracy is concern, I'm the wrong chap for this. I've shot rifles for years while in the service but never got the chance to actually handle pistols till this summer. So all I can say for accuracy is that right outta the box, group of 10 shots within the 9 ring of a B-8 target, at 10 yards. Had a couple off at 15 yards.

All in all, it was love at first sight but there's a tad of a nagging feeling some where inside. Can't really say what it is but let me have a couple more shots at it and I'll know better. At the moment, all I can think of is to dump the existing sights.

If anyone needs more info on this model or you would like to see some specific pixs of it, please feel free. I'm no photographer but I do shoot pretty decent digi pixs. Always willing to oblige.

To all of you who adviced that I get a new Colt instead of a used one.....merci. Greatly appreciated.
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Nice gun mano, congrats on your initial breakin. Can't wait to get more info on the perfomance.
Hello Templar...
Ahhh, there is nothing quite as pretty as a new Colt. Yours looks really sharp! Don't worry about the front sight DOT. Get some good degreaser, clean the area and then use some Birchwood Casey Super Bright sight paint. I've used it on my 10mm Colt, and the DOT is still holding on just fine. Give your Colt some more range time and I'm sure you will be even more happy as the Colt works in.

Enjoy your Colt,

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Must be a traveling man with that moniker.

I disliked my rear sight on my carry Colt also. Got a Novak style low profile sight from Brownells that worked perfectly.It is the window box type and the white dots worked perfectly with the original front sight.

Brownells' description and code is...1911 auto 3-dot carry sight #662-017-005.

It was a virtual drop in.

Very nice Commander you have.Have you considered changing the grip screws to stainless for a better match? If you're interested I have a new set of allen head stainless screws that I would swap for your blue ones.


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Very nice, but I really don`t understand why Colt can`t figure out how too fit a high ride beaver tail grip safety.........
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