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Lignum Vitae Grips

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Here's a new set of grips I made.

The wood is Lignum Vitae:
Lignum vitae means "long life" in Latin, from which comes one of its common names, Tree of Life. Lignum Vitae is the heaviest and densest wood in the world and will rapidly sink to the bottom when placed in water. It resists rot caused by insects and moisture so effectively that remains of Lignum vitae wood used as posts for dwellings by Taino Indians discovered in Tutu, St. Thomas were dated by carbon dating and found to be over 800 years old. In colonial days this hard, strong, and long-lasting wood was an invaluable construction material.

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I just cut & pasted the history from a hardwood website. I know nothing about Latin - apparently, neither do they:)

I just try to make nice grips. I barely speak English:biglaugh: .


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Pretty stocks!

I especially like the unique look the two grooves give them. Bravo!

Jeff Cooper observed, in COOPER ON HANDGUNS;

"Unlike the wood for a rifle stock, that for a pistol need not be especially strong, light, or inert. Mainly it should be pretty. For extremely severe service, lignum vitae is very choice, as it is almost indestructible."

If you can turn out such stocks on a reasonable production basis, you should hang out a shingle (website?) and go for it.

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