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Limited 10, whats your choice and why?

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.40 S&W or 45ACP or??

I'm thinking of going the .40 S&W (from a trusty .45) for USPSA Limited 10. Springfield and Kimber produce a "Loaded" and a "Custom" at a resonable price.

The guys who are using the .40 seem to really like it in that class. What your take?
Thanks in advance....
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Hey guys, I'm one of those who have a fat gun and shoot L-10 (once in a while). Anyone who is going to call me a gamer dosen't know me. When I started I had a single stack,sold it bought a SV .40 to be competitive. I'll be damned If I have to buy another gun to shoot in L-10 when the rules say I can. If you don't like it send Voight a letter.
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