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Limited 10, whats your choice and why?

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.40 S&W or 45ACP or??

I'm thinking of going the .40 S&W (from a trusty .45) for USPSA Limited 10. Springfield and Kimber produce a "Loaded" and a "Custom" at a resonable price.

The guys who are using the .40 seem to really like it in that class. What your take?
Thanks in advance....
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Tom it still is a little more than that, I did have a STI 40(that big mouth supercomp). But I could shoot the 45 better, cant explain it. Could be something like, more rounds I would just hose more than the less rounds in the 45. I was a hair off from the "M" but after the Sti it did hit the fan. The glock was just a phase, I'm over it now and back to the 1911, but tring a 45 again.
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