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Limited Nationals postponed

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It has been rescheduled. Here is the latest:

Dave Thomas asked me to send an earlier alert which stated he and
Michael Voigt were working on rescheduling the Limited Nationals.
Dave has just provided the details of that rescheduling.

Any future updates will be posted at http://www.uspsa.org

This is all the information I have on this situation. I do not
any additional information available, and when I do, it will
be immediately posted on the web page.


Dear Members and Friends,

The Limited National registration has been rescheduled to occur
Sunday morning, September 16, 2001, beginning at 9:00am. Competition
will commence at 12:00pm Sunday. The Open National Championship will
be conducted as planned.

President Voigt has spent the day in communication with all major
airlines. It now appears that flight schedules will resume beginning
today and there are no new published policies concerning firearms and
ammunition, at least not at this time. We will make every reasonable
effort to accommodate disrupted travel schedules.

The last few days have been incredibly difficult for anyone in
America. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

God Bless America.

Dave Thomas
Executive Manager
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