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Llama Question

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I recently Purchased a Llama Commander type 1911, a Minimax-- (I use the terms Llama and 1911 in the same sentence very loosley)

My questions are this--
Does anyone know if this gun will accept 1911 aftermarket parts,
Will the frame accept a new barrel/slide upper assembly?

Also, any help on field stripping this gun would be appreciated...
1911's are a new ballgame to me, since I am coming over from the "Glock" side

Thanks for any help

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If you write to the importer,(Stoeger, if memory serves) they will send you a copy of the instruction booklet that should be kept with the pistol. It explains takedown and assembly...which actually, you should be able to do without instructions if you are familiar with the 1911..
Some aftermarket parts fit with little or no fitting required. I never tried a slide to frame fit, but if you do...make certain that the combination has the same timing as a Colt. If you don't have blueprints and Kuhnhausen's book on the 1911, obtain them prior to experimentation.
I know a cop who was almost killed by a LLama. He was being fired upon and slipped in some mud as he was exiting his unit and got his hands muddy. on his LLama the gap around the grip safety was so large that it allowed enough mud to enter and prevent him from returning fire. Luckily he had a good SW rev for a backup. I wouldn't spend a $#@$ penny on a LLama, give it to someone you don't like.

I imagine that if the cop had been carrying his revolver backup as a primary weapon it would have collected mud in the barrel and blown it out into a strange shape.

Some sage advice from the Delphic Oracle: Don't drop any firearm into the mud and expect it to function flawlessly.
You can't blame the pistol for this one.
If I read JJ's post correctly, the gun didn't drop into the mud; the mud was transferred to the gun from the cop's hands. Hard to see how mud would get into the barrel that way.

If God didn't want us to own guns, why did He make the 1911?
This is not a PISTOL problem, it is a prime indication that one should wipe away the mud from one's hands before drawing one's primary weapon. Apparently he had ample time, since there was suficient to draw a backup. A quick swipe across the jacket would have done it nicely.
I have sent a copy of this thread to the importer for comment.

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I'm borrowing this as it applies perfectly to the current thread and a "few" who posted...

The american male thinks:
1. He is a better driver than Richard Petty.
2. He is a better lover than Rubirosa.
3. He know ALL ABOUT GUNS.
If we were to introduce the hot air balloon to the 1911 forum, we'd get an
altitude record the first day.

Thanks to all for another interesting thread!


I Like The Shade Too!

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Interesting.Llamas do belong in the mud.Please inform me of the police department that would allow an officer to carry one. SHOKz
Sorry, Hydra, they aren't accepting job applications right now.
Originally posted by JJ:
I know a cop who was almost killed by a LLama.
Weird, I thought you were going to talk about a vacation he took in the Peruvian Andes for a sec.....
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