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loads for the 40cal

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Hello everyone,

i have been rifle shooting/ reloading, and UIT pistol shooting for a long time now, and i am now getting into IPSC as well. I have decided after talking to many top shooters over here, to go with a custom pistol based on an STI frame and slide.

i have about one month now to go untill my 'custom' STI should be finished. So i have started buying my ammo, so that i can take my time and make up a few different rounds buy the time the pistol is finished.

So far, the one load, that i have been given (used by a lot of IPSC shooters with the same build STI's) is a 200grn. rnd. projectile with 3.8/4 grains of powder. (i havent given models/ brands, as they are all different to what you guys shoot in the USA etc.)(though if anyone is interested for whatever reason, i can talk about the brands etc used/ made over here.) The load makes major PF, and throws them out at around 900/950fps. (i will post all my testing once i can actually start

Now what i was wondering was, in general do you guys think i would be better off to try lighter projectiles going a bit faster, etc.

maybe 150grn projectiles, or 180? etc.

Any help will be greatly appreciated,
so just for more info- the only intended use for this pistol, is IPSC style shooting.
I will post some pics and let yous know how things go once my pistol is finally finished

Thanks in advance
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900 to 950, with 200's? That's a 180 to 190 PF. When the threshold is 165, you don't need that much power.

Most shooters here go with 180's in Limited (Standard to you International shooters) and push them a shade over 925 fps. the lighter bullets create a snappier felt recoil, and the 200's make the gun feel sluggish.

Squeak past 165PF, then tune for accuracy.
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