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local match results

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I am wondering how and when local clubs post results of a match. Do you try to post between stages, at the end of the match, by the next match, or how? My club does not have access to a computer. We do manage to call out the overall placing by the end of the match but competitors do not know the placing for each round. Please offer suggestions on efficiently providing information to competitors as quickly as possible.
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Our club posts them on a website the day after the match and emails them out the same time. We have a couple competitors who require that we mail printed results.

Unless you have a computer at the range, and somebody to enter the stats as they come in, there's no other way to have the stats ready at the end of the match. Even assuming everything's entered within minutes of the match being over, there's still verification and corrections which take another hour or two. Unfortunately IPSC is not real-time scoring.
I get match results via email or snail mail anywhere from a week to a month after the match date.

Snail mail is used if a check or ribbon is enclosed.
Our local club mails a monthly newsletter. The newsletter is avaiable via e-mail as well.

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At our local unsactioned match we have the results for the semi-auto match ready by the time for the revolver match to start.After a shooter finishes his last stage his score sheet gets turned in and scored then when the last one is through the scores are on display for all to see.They are also on the monthly newsletter.Our club has a goofey scoring system,10pts for an A,adding the total of your hit factors on the stages as your final score.But they are the ones running the show.I wish we still had a USPSA club in the Chattanooga area.

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the clubs in this area use e-mail usually the night of the match but sometimes a day or two later. also snail mail and news letters. I think e-mail is the greatest, before you waited weeks to get the results and usually couldn't remember the stages when you finally did get them to anilize how you did.
you say your club dosn't have access to a computer? there isn't one member who has a computer who wouldn't volunteer? make it worth their while, let him shoot for free, If anyone complains ask why they didn't volunteer.
I think it is very important to get the results out in a timely fashion. you may be loosing shooters if their waiting weeks to find out how they did at a match
I do the stats for two different USPSA clubs here in the Midwest and I usually work up the stats Sunday and Monday nights, make copies on Tuesday morning, and mail them out on Tuesday. I also email the ones that have email, but not many do. Alvin
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