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I have a series 80 lw commander I installed a wilson drop in beavertail on

The beavertail fit pretty easily with a little work with a file

the problem is now my slide slices my right thumb open when it comes back.

1. The beavertail permits a superhigh grip (good)
2. My hands are big (not gianormous but big)
3. The edges on the lower part of the slide (at the rear of the slide are very sharp

more specifically my right thumb (the web of my thumb) gets hit bythe slide when I use a high grip and gets cut (really)

It has been suggested that I have a dehorning job done

Wilson charges $40 plus shipping and a 30 day wait.

If there was a guy who was really good that I could drive to I would rather do that.

The one guy who's name I got from an associate (who is a nationally ranked shooter) has not returned my phone call (yet) and I'm sure the guy is covered up, plus this would be a pretty small job for a guy like him
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