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Just thought I'd pass along that right now CDNN is selling the FN Police Shotgun... (for those who may not know, FN owns the brand names of FN, Browning, and Winchester and makes the guns sold under these brand names.) The FN Police SG is basically a police version of the FN-built Winchester 1300 Defender shotgun with the rotary bolt... a superb design... known for it's reliable and silky smooth action. This FN branded version has a shorter, 13" pull and is a tad lighter in weight, with a slightly shorter overall length. The size is perfect for close-quarters use. Comes with two chokes. Durable parkerized finish. Accepts Winchester 1300 accessories. And it's about as compact and lightweight as a home defense 12 gauge can be. (Unless you go in for pistol grips, which basically suck.)

Anyway, CDNN is selling the FN Police SG right now for $269! Sheesh... that's pretty darned irresistable... and a very cool shotgun for the homeowner who wants a high quality, reliable, affordable, really compact, lightweight 12 gauge pump shotty to protect the homestead with... even though I don't "need" another shotgun, I couldn't resist pulling out the plastic and ordering one for myself today... for the money they're just too cool (and practical) to pass up.

Here's the link to more info on FN's website and a photo. CDNN has done well with selling them and their stock is dwindling, so if you want one at this price... don't delay.


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