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looking for a trigger

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a friend of mine has a colt 1991A1, and we had it apart the other day, and he asked about a three hole black metal trigger to replace the plastic one. i told him i would ask, and i think if it looked good i might want one two!

makers? price? and i am guessing that it would be a drop in?

and is there anything to replace along with the trigger? i want to leave as much stock as i can, since it works good now.

russel the cop

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Look at http://www.brownells.com

I posted instructions for fitting a trigger it TIPS.

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russle, theres alot of great aftermarket trigger's to choose from. king's trigger's has black & silver and a few other color's to choose from,they have the three lighting holes in them as well. there adjustable and easy to install. i have one in my custom built 1911. if i remember correctly, it only cost $18-$20. it's the match grade one. i also like cmc triggers, perhapes on my next project", i'll use that one.
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