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i've got a 2k model springfield loaded. has novak lo mount sights. weapon has had slide fitted to frame and wilson combat barrel and bushing fitted. also has full length guide rod. i currently have a .165 front sight and the gun shoots almost an inch and a half low at 25 yards. was worse with factory .180 sight. anybody have any ideas as to why? have ruled out operator error.........thanks.........drew
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All 1911 barrels have a degree of down-angle when in battery. This is more pronounced in some guns than others. A long link and/or match barrel with closely fitted bottom lugs can aggravate this.

Novaks makes a higher version of their low-mount rear sight to correct for low-shooting pistols. You might want to procure one of those.


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thanks guys!! i called novaks and they did indeed have a taller rear sight and sent it to me free of charge to correct my problem. Joe Bonar is the man to talk to!! He listened to my mods understood my laymans way of talking and provided excellent customer service..................
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