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I would go for a 4x. Maybe even get two if in case one is out of service at any time. Personal choice for me would be a Leupold or Burris. Standard Duplex reticle and MATTE finish scope body.

If funds allowed; I would go for a 1.5x-6x, 2x-7x or 2.5-8x variable compact 'scope from Burris or Leupold, standards duplex reticle, MATTE finish scope body ... and a fixed-power 4x as a spare.

Whatever the case, I would steer clear of the cheap stuff - especially if buying only one. Expensive (Leupold, Burris, Zeiss etc etc) 'scopes DO fail sometimes - but they have good warranties and service most of the time. While some people have great luck with a "$89.95" - if it fails, you may not get a "no questions asked fix or replacement".

Check out:


Have fun
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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