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M1A vs AR10

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I'm torn. I would like to have one or the other. It would be used for plinking and for an occasional Deer hunt. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Rosco is as usual right.

The M1A is not an ideal scoped gun. Get a decent scope with mount on the gun and it gets very heavy.

However, if you can work with iron sights, I would choose an M1A as it is lighter, the balance is better for me, and overall the M1A is much more handy and friendly to pack around.

For plinking, if you want a scope, get the Ar10. FWIW I have both and like both.

Neither one is my idea of a great game rifle. Both are heavy. I'd prefer a controlled feed, lightweight bolt gun over either semi auto. Lighter and handier, especially with a scope on it.

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