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mag disconnect question

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I have heard many people say that they removed the mag disconnect from their BHP- they don't like it. What is the intended purpose of the mag disconnect? And why have I heard that it might be dangerous for inexperieced shooters to shoot the BHP without it? Thanks.
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I've heard this kind of myth for a long time, similarly to using handload rounds for self defense. I know it's been asked here before, and I'd like to ask again that has anybody heard or known of any court cases that fall into these categories, and what was the outcome?

I understand the good intentions that we should keep things as it were, especially the safety issue. But, I still don't see any points here why tailoring my equipment to suit my needs within the limit of the laws should get me in trouble. If there is any criminal lawyers here, could you share your opinion, please. Thks.
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