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mag disconnect question

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I have heard many people say that they removed the mag disconnect from their BHP- they don't like it. What is the intended purpose of the mag disconnect? And why have I heard that it might be dangerous for inexperieced shooters to shoot the BHP without it? Thanks.
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Although I know that is something that could happen, I know me and I NEVER, EVER hand anyone any firearm without clearing it first and I leave the action open, or have the cylinder open.

People who do not clear their weapons before handing them to someone is the same to me as a person that drives while drunk. Those people deserve everything they get.

Technically, double action only pistols have no "safety" other than the fact that if you don't pull the trigger it won't go boom. The Hi Power still has the manual safety as well as other internal safeties.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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