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mag disconnect question

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I have heard many people say that they removed the mag disconnect from their BHP- they don't like it. What is the intended purpose of the mag disconnect? And why have I heard that it might be dangerous for inexperieced shooters to shoot the BHP without it? Thanks.
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I'm not a lawyer, just a dumb cop. But I will say this--I have heard it too many times, from everyone from fellow officers, to gunwriters, to citizens---do NOT, EVER, intentionally disable any safety device on ANY firearm that you intend to use in self defense. As an example:

Suppose you go ahead and remove that pesky magazine disconnect from your Hi-Power. You now have a sweet trigger pull, and the mags drop free!

You decide to show off your handgun to your friends. One of them decides to pull the trigger. The gun was not cleared correctly, and a round remains in the chamber. The weapon discharges, striking and killing a bystander. What happens then? Quite possibly, a charge of negligent homicide for the hapless friend, and a hell of a large lawsuit for you. Why? It's called proximate cause. If you had not removed the magazine safety, the gun would not have discharged without the magazine, and the person would not be dead. In some jurisdictions, you might even be charged as an accessory, because you removed the safety device. THINK ABOUT IT LONG AND HARD, FOLKS.
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