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mag disconnect question

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I have heard many people say that they removed the mag disconnect from their BHP- they don't like it. What is the intended purpose of the mag disconnect? And why have I heard that it might be dangerous for inexperieced shooters to shoot the BHP without it? Thanks.
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ONE LOUD WARNING, should you have to use deadly force with this weapon and it ends up going to court, either Civil or Criminal, you will have to explain why YOU DISCONNECTED A FACTORY SAFETY DEVICE. I would recommend you finding a VERY GOOD attorney and keep his card handy should you decide to disconnect the safety.

hhsmiley: As usual, most people forget that after a shooting, their are usually TWO court cases the shooter faces.

1. Criminal, in which it is determined the shooting was justified and therefore no charges will be filed.

2. Civil, in which case the family of the deceased will sue you and the rules of evidence are less strict and therefore not so balanced in YOUR favor.

In this day and age of litigation and random shootings, I.E California and the general publics views towards gun owners, do you really want to risk the plaintiff's attorney's telling and showing the jury how you disconnected a safety the factory and the gun designer deamed a necessity?
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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