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mag disconnect question

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I have heard many people say that they removed the mag disconnect from their BHP- they don't like it. What is the intended purpose of the mag disconnect? And why have I heard that it might be dangerous for inexperieced shooters to shoot the BHP without it? Thanks.
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Hello. I've heard some say that the trigger return was no so quick after removal of the magazine disconnect or that the magazine didn't stay firmly in one place. I have not experienced either of these problems.

The purpose of the magazine disconnect was to render the handgun inoperable with the magazine removed. I suspect that since most of the orders for this gun originally came from military sources, it was considered "good" to be able to deactivate handguns by simply removing their feed device.

In terms of safety, the BHP without the mag "safety" is no less safe than a 1911, SIG-Sauer, Glock, HK, Taurus, or CZ handgun.

I routinely remove them from any BHP that comes into my ownership and have never failed to see a better trigger pull upon the disconnect's removal.

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