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Magazine Catch catching Mag

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When I depress the magazine catch the mag pops loose and then stops. This is when I depress the mag catch fully. The magazine will fall out if I control the amount that I depress the button, but in the excitement of shooting an IDPA stage I've had trouble several times controlling the pressure. I've looked into the well and can see that a portion of the mag catch (button side) extends into the mag well. Can I radius the mag catch at this point to remove the portion that extends into the mag well without causing any other problems. I will probably use a dremel tool.

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Yes, I have a couple of the .050" - .0625" taller "tactical" magazine catches that gave me the same problem. I do not have a license for a Dremel so I sent one back to Brown, who said I had an early catch, their later ones had a positive stop. They did not provide one, they just ground some clearance. The next case I just showed to FLG and he ground the necessary clearance.
Be careful to maintain the contour and don't cut so deep that it shows outside the frame.
If you are bound and determined to fit the mag catch yourself, the best advice is to maintain all the exixting angles and take a LITTLE bit at a time. This is a job for a fine single cut file, not a dremmel tool.
" I keep grinding and grinding and it is still too small!!!

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I had a similar problem a while back and ended up placing a small "rod" or "spacer" in the bore of the mag catch. That is the hole in the mag catch in which the mag catch retainer fits into. This prevented the mag catch from depressing too far thereby not binding against the magazine your trying to eject. Seems like I might have used a paper clip or something to make the spacer.
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