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Magazine compatibility of 1911 .22 conversions

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What a convoluted subject.

I'm getting a SW1911 and a .22 conversion, most likely an Advantage Arms unit. I'm wondering if the magazines from Kimber, Ciener, Marvel and/or Wilson will work interchangeably.

I realize the bore may slightly lower or slightly higher from one maker to another, but I figure it ought to be roughly in the same place and I might get lucky.

Does anyone know which combinations work with other conversion units?

Am I in the right forum or should I move this to accessories?
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First define your terms - Kimber from Kimber? or Kimber from Ciener? and so it goes.

I'm wondering if the magazines from Kimber, Ciener, Marvel and/or Wilson will work interchangeably.
In many but not all cases the conversion units are the same relabeled (obviously not Marvel but Marvel is likely the best and it shows) and so interchange as well as might be expected. I suspect without knowing it that where a manufacturer has moved from relabeled to its own (or a different outsource) make there was some effort to keep magazines compatible - at least it seems to work that way.

I think "get lucky" is the word. There must be some combinations that flat don't work but I don't know what they are and I surely haven't tried very many myself. Clearly failure to lock back or premature lock back is not an issue with some .22 conversions.

On the other hand my own limited experience has been that many .22 magazines don't seem to work nearly so well as I would hope within their own brand - even when they shipped in the same box as the conversion unit.

I can't say it has always been the magazines but I might have discarded some if they were as cheap as GI .45 magazines once were. Considering the tuning sometimes required for e.g. military grip High Standards I'd surely bite the bullet and buy magazines appropriate for the conversion unit. Then I'd check my frame for just how the magazine catch sits and the hole in the magazine lines up.

When I was serious I'd boil my .22 magazines in dishwashing liquid and be as sure as I could be that the magazine started really clean and appropriately lubricated - the ammunition and the blowback action may spread grit, lead and bullet lube around the breech area.

If I wanted to research this subject I'd ask Brownells what they hear from customers or if a given combination would work.
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