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Need some advice. I'm starting to have a problem with my slide(s) not locking back after the last round has been fired. It's starting to happen on my older 47D's and some McCormick mags. On the Chip McCormick mags I've installed Wilson springs and followers quite a while ago. I have several new Wilson ETM's and they work just fine.

I clean the mags every so often and I know they aren't gunked up.

The "no lock back" problem varies from each and every time on the old McCormicks to once in a great while on the newer 47D's.

It's hard to say how many rounds I have through individual mags because I have eight mags in total each bought at different times with some used more than others... total gun rounds with three 1911's around 6000.

Is there a "rule of thumb" for mag spring replacement?

How do you really know if the mag spring is getting weak? :confused:

Thanks guys for all your help! :)
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