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Magazines seats hard after refinishing job

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O.K., here's the deal.

Several weeks ago, I purchased a brand new Kimber Pro-Carry SLE, and before even firing it, I sent it off to one of the well know pistolsmiths to have it refinished with a high-tech finish.

The gun came back a week ago, and it looks great, but when I went to place the factory magazine in the gun, it goes in VERY hard. It really seems to be binding on something. I can get it to seat with a pretty stiff pop on the bottom of the mag, and once seated it seems to be o.k., and it pops right out when I push the mag release, but it just doesn't seem right that it should require so much force to seat the mag.

I have a number of other semi-auto handguns, although this is my first 1911, so I have a feel for how a magazine seats.

So what do you think ? More likely a defective factory mag, or is it possible something was put in wrong, or left out after the refinishing job ?

I have ordered some additional mags., and it they go in as hard, I think I will take it into a gunsmith.

Thanks in advance for the input.
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Check the mag catch first.Push it in then try the mag.The ramp may need adjustment or a lighter spring.Also see if the gripscrew bushings are hanging in the magwell.If the coating they applied is real thick,that could be it.Is it hard from the start or after it's partially in?
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