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I am looking to buy single stack mags for my Kimber. What is the best (in your opinion). I want mags that function flawlessly and are reliable and strong. I am looking to buy single stack 7 round mags. Thanks !!!!!
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go with either Shooting stars(McCormicks) or Wilson/Rogers. Can't go wrong with either one of these. Alvin
I forgot to ask--why limite yourself to the 7 rounders? Go with the 8 rounders if you are using a full sized frame. Alvin
The problem with someone else telling you what is the best magazine, is that we can only tell you what works best in our pistols, not yours. For example, I have two 1911's that just do not like Wilson/Rogers magazines but work very well with Mc Cormick's, I have a friend who has a 1911 that feeds everything using W/R magazines but bobbles on Chip's mags. Borrow a pile of magazines from 1911 shooting buddies, take them and your pistol to the range and test 'em all. Sure it will take some time at the range but we all have to make sacrifices
in the name of science. Find the ones that work best for your pistol, ammo and you, buy a couple and re-test them to make sure that there has not been any change in the magazines.

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My KIMBER Custom Target has been flawless with MECGAR bright nickel 8 rd mags, makes no difference how many rds are stuffed in them. Have had enough FTFs with Wilson, both 7 and 8 rd that I have 6 MECGARs, incl the original blued that came with the weapon.
I tried all the cheap ones, in turn, Triple K, USA, etc. I returned about six different ones.

Also, I tried MecGar 8, and 10, and they don't work at all in my Pro Carry. Won't even go in.

I wound up with at least two each of Colt, Wilson, Metalform, Chip McCormick/Shooting Star, Ed Brown, and no-name generics. All these work about equally well or better than the factory Kimber (which I think is a Chip Star)

The No-name generic is the cheapest that works, at $7 from Sportsmans Guide. They're returnable if it doesn't work. I can't speak to their long-term durability yet.

Metalform is the best value of the big names.
Never had a problem with the Wilson-Rodgers 8 rd. mags.
If your gun won't run with either 7 or 8 round Wilson mags flawlessly...you need to fix the gun.
I have had good luck with the surplus GI 7 rounders. I buy new ones with the part #s stamped on the base plate. I have found them for around $8.00 ea. Forrest is a good source for these. I like 7 rounders because I feel you can keep them loaded longer without wearing out the spring. I don't thing the difference between 7 and 8 rounds makes much difference anyway.
I like the old Colt factory mags.

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I actually prefer MetalForm 7-round mags with the one-piece rounded metal follower. For me, they have been more reliable than Wilsons. 2nd choice is Shooting Star mags.
Originally posted by Dane Burns:
If your gun won't run with either 7 or 8 round Wilson mags flawlessly...you need to fix the gun.
Yea..What he said!

J Damien Scott
Las Vegas, Nevada
Main Duty Gun:Kimber Classic Custom with Wilson 47D magazines.
Concealment Gun: Kahr P9
I've had the least problems with factory Colt magazines. I've not had good luck with Shooting Stars. I've have some Wilson-Rogers coming and will see how they work out.

I like the colt factory mags ,
had problems with the plastic follower wearing out on wilson's.
The colt mags have a metal follower ,I like the stainless 8 rounder.
If you buy wilson buy a lots of spares.
They are good but I wish they had a steel follower that wont wear out that fast.
Maybe they are better now, my wilson mag is pretty old.
I have:

5 Colt 7 rd. gov't mags
3 Colt 8 rd. gov't mags
2 wilson 7 rd. officers mags
10 wilson 8 rd. gov't mags
3 wilson 10 rd. gov't mags

As you can tell, Wilson is the best IMHO, they are more feed reliable, they are better at locking the slide open, etc. I got the colt mags free, and use them for training purposes, but if I'm carrying a 1911, its got a wilson stuck in the butt

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I agree with what Dane said... I use only Wilson 47d or CM Shooting Stars.

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My Wilson LW Protector works perfectly with 8 round Wilson mags. My compact Kimber Royal Carry only works with Mecgar 6 rounders and chokes on 7 round Wilsons. My Kimber Stainless full size works with Wilson 8 rounders up to an 18.5 pound recoil spring. When I switch to 400Cor Bon and a 22 pound spring, the Wilsons can't keep up and I get a lot of nose-diving. The 400CB and 22LB spring works perfectly with Mecgar 7 rounders.
In all my 1911's I use the Chip McCormick shooting stars and the power mag, no problems at all. I mix em up and they work in all of mine.

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OK, i plan on buying a pair of mccormicks, and a pair of wilsons. Why is it called wilson/rogers (did they merge)? What is the price diff on these mags? Again, thanks for all of your help !!!
P.S> anyone ever bought any of the "sportsman's guide 7rd. mags? How did they work out? They are cheaply priced !!!

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