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I shot about 5 rounds of MAGSAFE ammo this past weekend. It was leftover from a couple of packages my friend tested out in his 45. He wasn't happy with point of impact and gave me the rest. I've had them a while a decided to just shoot them one afternoon to see how they fed.

All 5 functioned very well in my -91A1 Commander, using WIlson 7 round mag.

These were the Swat Load. Not sure if the name is correct, but they are about 2-3 years old now, maybe more.

Only problem was that I was shooting at steel plates at 25yards and none hit the plates. Under normal circumstances I hit the plates with no problem with my 225 gr and 230 gr reloads. I was shooting from sandbags too. I think they were shooting really high, judging from the the dirt flying up in the berm behind the plates.

Is this typical of Magsafe and other super light bullet weights?

I liked the "ka-pow" these rounds made! Most shooters around me stopped to look at what the hell was going on. It was kinda funny, I was shooting my reloads for about 100 rounds or so and decided to pop off the 5 Magsafe rounds. What a dramatic difference in sound effect! :) Not much recoil at all, but man!, what a report!!

I suppose at the defensive range of point blank to 10 yards they would be accurate enough. But beyond that, serious sight adjustment may be necessary.

Stay safe-
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