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Hi all...anyone know where I could find a parkerized mainspring housing for my Springfield milspec with a lanyard loop. found plenty of housings but none with the lanyard loop. I'd prefer to order it over the net if you know any good places.
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Used to be that all or most Springfields came with that-- I'll be surprised if somebody on the board doesn't have one cheap.
I have read in other posts that Smith & Alexander make on even though there is no mention of it in their material.
You might try Dare Gun Room. I don't see a web page, but try them at [email protected]

They are big into doing gun shows, and I always see lots of MSH's at their booth. Can't speak to the parkerized with the loop, tho'........ Hope this helps.

Rich in VA
Try Gunsite's Gunsmithy. They mfg. a really nice msh w/a slightly different lanyard loop. Really trick.
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