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Background: So I was renting some stuff over the last week, trying to figure out what I wanted to buy next. Most of these trips I went by myself, which means I had to bring a pistol with me (won't let me rent alone). So I shot 3 different pistols side by side with my TRP Operator. After looking at the targets, I now have to question why I would want to buy something else.

So now the goal is to make my 9mm Target more like my TRP. The 9mm has always shot well, but it doesn't feel as nice as the TRP (natrually). I plan on sending it to Springfield's Custom shop. These are the areas I would like to improve on:

I still do not know what possessed me to get those black adjustable target sights. Anything with dots would have been better, since I work nights and do most of my shooting indoors.

Sight Questions:
I don't need 3 dot adj night sights on the 9mm, but I would prefer 3 dot adj sights. Are the sight cuts in the Loaded Target 9mm Bomar or Novak? Of the sights listed on the Custom worksheet, what are the "MMC adjustable sights?"

I'm gonna change this for sure, just unsure of what to get the pistol refinished in. Armory Kote is currently leading my choice, cause it's cheap and is the same as the TRP.

Finish Questions:
What do you guys prefer? I'd like something dark (read: black) but not Parked. Is Black T fairly dark?

Front strap checkering
This is more of a nice-to-have, but since I'm sending the pistol away to Springfield for a bit I'd still like to consider it.

Front strap checkering questions:
What's the LPI on the front of the TRP Operator? What's the difference between hand and machine checker?

Increase the weight?
I want to also try to re-create the balance that my TRP has. Do the tungsten guide rods work well for this? I'm hoping that this would give me the same feeling as the rail on the TRP's frame.

The trigger on the 9mm is somewhere in the 4.5-5lb range, and it's pretty good. What can I expect (and what will I need to pay) to get the trigger even lighter? The trigger is actually the least of my concerns, as it's pretty nice already. The TRP is better, of course.

Thanks for your help.

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You might consider having Springer send the gun off to Walter Birdsong for a Black T job. You will have a world of difference in the "feel" of the weapon afterwards. I had my SS S&W Black T'd and it is as smooth a gun as I own. It easily matched my Wilson CQB in smoothness. It is smoother than the Armory Kote on my TRP. I love the feel of my TRP but the Black T (what's on the Springer Pro's) is something else.

I believe the front strap checkering on the TRP is 20 LPI.....very aggressive and a bit much for some, like myself with my old hands. I did rubber/wood wrap arounds and it has really worked well for me. You might consider less agressive checkering as an option.

Good luck to you. :rock:

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You're creating a practice pistol right? Why put lipstick on it with a refinish? The pistol don't care. :)

Here's two of my practice pistols. Nothing exotic here, but they're as close as I can make them other than 9mm and .45ACP. They came with this finish.

Different color thin Alumagrips lets me tell 'em apart easily.

-- Chuck
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