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Mark THG customers please read

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Mark THG has contacted me and he would like me to pass on the following information:

For those who need to speak with Mark THG, he can be reached on MONDAY's only in the morning (before noon central time) at the following phone number: 281-639-8033

He wishes to speak with customers on an individual basis.


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I was one of the first to flame, so let me give credit where it is due. I had not gotten the opportunity to speak with Mark over the phone about my refund. I had pretty much written it off as a learning experience.

I got my credit card statement today and lo and behold there was a credit on there from M/D Enterprises. Down to the very penny I might add. While I was not thrilled at the time with the way he handled things, it takes a big man to face up to it and make restitution.

For me at least he has done the right thing. Thanks, Mark.
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