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Marlin Camp 45 mags work in a single stack 1911??

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I am contemplating my first 1911 purchase and need to know something in order to decide between a single stack or a double stack. I have a Marlin Camp Carbine in 45ACP that takes single stack 1911 type mags. I have both factory Marlin 7 rounders and a few Wilson Combat 10 rounders for the Camp. Does anyone know if the Marlin factory 7 rounders function in single stack 1911s? If they do, I think a single stack is the best way to go, as I will already have a bunch of mags that will work with it. If not, I will probably go the double stack route as I have been spoiled by my double stack, high capacity Glocks.

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The Camp Carbine was advertised as being able to use "your" 1911 pistol magazines (in .45 ACP) or your S&W magazines if in 9 m/m. I would think that CC magazines would work just fine in a 1911/1911A1.

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I hope the 1911 mags work better in my Camp 45 than the S&W mags in my Camp 9. After trying dozens of S&W 9mm mags in my Camp 9, I finally gave up and just stuck with the factory Marlin mags.

Thanks for the input. Looks like I will be leaning towards a single stack 1911.

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I have a Camp 45, that I bought in 86. It is by far, the funnest toy I own.

Yes, any good quality 1911 mag will work in the Marlin, I use Wilson's, exclusively!

The reason I bought the Marlin was because I carried a Commander.

Yes, the stock Marlin mags work fine in most 1911's, but any 1911 can be particular about mags, so test them throughly.

I even have some of the Pre-Ban 15 round mags for mine, and if I could have found a good price on one of the Drums, I'd have bought one, but now, I can't, no new hi-caps allowed in the PRK.

Bottom line, get a single stack... It's a great companion gun.

Now, if I could only find someone to make a 400 Corbon barrel for my Camp45

I have been contemplating the 45 Super or 460 Rowland though

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Hmmm... I have a friend who has a Camp 9 and uses the Hi-Cap S&W 59 mags and the 30 round Hi-Caps for a 59 in it with no problems.

I considered getting one also, but since I didn't own (and at the time, wouldn't own) a 9mm, didn't see the point.

Now I own a couple 9's and have wished I had gotten one, as a "plinker". the 10/22 is cheap to shoot, but a Camp 9 wouldn't be much worse
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Thanks for the input!

I have been shooting 45 Super in my Camp 45 for a long time now. All I did what install a Wolff 21lb. recoil spring. I am a big 45 Super junkie, shoot it in my Glock 30 as well. Triton is also coming out with a new cartridge called the 450SMC, or Small Magnum Cartridge. It uses a small primer for a stronger case with better performance than factory Texas Ammo 45 Super. For more info go to the Caliber Corner forum at www.glocktalk.com and read through a couple of the 450SMC threads.

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