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Doug Koenig just won the masters for the 9th time.(40% ahead of second place) He also won all three individual events. precision was a new record, I think he said 42 beating 37 for the high.

Coming off the Bianchi win and Sportsman challenge win that would be another great season. He did come in second behing Jerry Micklick at lake placid.
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You probably should include the 2001 Steel Challenge, while your mentioning match wins!
Doug is awesome.
Who's doing his guns these days? I know he was shooting a Wolf in 97 or so and no longer is. I got one of those as a prize and thought I had the next Bren-10, a real collectible, but nobody seems interested.
Originally posted by Ned Christiansen:
Who's doing his guns these days
That would be, George Smith at EGW. http://www.egw-guns.com
unless you own a time machine I suspect that is a little premature. 2 weeks or so....

Hi Shane, agreed.

Ned the wolf came and went. did not work out for him. I would bet that some day they will indeed be worth some money.

This year he is sponsored by Rock River arms.
I was really impressed with the slide and frame they sent along. Very Impressed.
He is also sponsored by Oakley Sierra Leupold Kreighoff Safariland ......
We build his Steel/action/shootoff guns. Bianchi guns, Ipsc ltd and open guns.
Just did a trick barrel on the 10-22 with a free bore for off hand work and a mid barrel comp. Some mods on the precision gun.
And the heavy S&W 41 with plates comp and mag well for team challenge, and we did some work on tubbs pistol for the challenge as well.
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He also placed first at the IDPA mid winter nationals,......IN SHARP SHOOTER CLASS.....OUCH. bet you dont read about that one in the magazines. Aalso i saw him in some three un atch on ESPN and he got second to jerry miculik, he didnt seem real friendly.
What was Doug shooting? .38 Super?

"Gun Control is Only to Protect Those in Power."
im not sure, i blieve he was in ESP class and I know he shot SHARP SHOOTER. I looked in all the gun mags and nothing about it. I am real curious how he got that ranking. I wish they would report on sttuff lie that, like last year or theyear before Barnhart was suspended out of competition i believe for an accidental discharge or something, but you never heard anything or ay details about it.
Gee you think maybe he screwed up the classifier? IDPA is a whole different world compared to IPSC. I'm sure if Doug keeps shooting IDPA he'll be master. It was in a magazine article. I don't have it in front of me but everybody was pissing and whining about it. Barnhart DQed himself a couple years ago on the infamous squirrel stage. The RO didn't catch it Jerry stopped himself!
It was one match not a season! If memory serves it was at the nationals. As for Doug not being happy about losing to Jerry M. What the heck do you expect. I wouldn't be happy losing either. These guys are top shooters because the put in a lot of hard work. I have met most of the top guys and the are class acts. Todd Jarrett, Matt Burkett and Doug are all willing to stop and BS with us regular shooters. Find a Pro baseball or football player that will stop and talk to you for 30 minutes and remember you a year later. They all want 10 bucks to sign an autograph for a little kid these days. The shooting sports has some real class acts. They paste targets, pick brass and score just like the rest of us.
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Recon is right on the money, our top shooters are very kind and curteous.

for doug not looking happy, there is a reason for that his nick name is " the ice man" because for a lot of matches he remains expressionless, cold as "ice" i am pretty quiet, but nowhere near his concentration level.

and lastly... who likes to lose?

Any gun will do if You will do.
i didnt mean to suggest he was a sore looser, just didnt seem as happy as alot of the other top guys, i have seen leatham happy for his opponents, i have seen Jarret actually ask barnhard to reshoot a match that jarret won when he found out that barnhart had a bad primer, and when barnhart won, jerrot congradulated him. I just expected alittle mor of a "good match Jerry" maybe a smile. And you are correct about the top guys in our sport being freindly, no argument there. They are also about the only athletes who wih a few exceptions, you never hear make excuses. I have all the respect in the world for these guys. so dont take it personal Keoning fans, it wasnt meant to be.
The best-ever example of how good the good guys are in our sport was at the 1991 Steel Challenge.

Jerry Barnhart and Jethro Dioisio were in the shootoff finals. Jerry won one run, then Jethro won one. Then on the next run, Jethro just stops. Jerry has already drilled his targets and won the run. They inspect Jethros gun, and find it had re-chambered the empty, and that is why it wouldn't fire. (Jethro stopped because he wasn't sure it was a squib or not, and didn't see any point in trashing his gun.)

Jerry says "The run didn't happen, lets do it over again" and insists on a re-shoot. He beats Jethro, wins the shootoff, and proves again that he's one of the two nicest Jerry's on the planet.
Class Acts
Doug Koenig
Bruce Piatt
Matt Burkett

At my very first NRA action pistol match shooting a bone stock revolver out of a crappy holster, Bruce and Doug both took the time to coach me along. Not only was this my first NRA action pistol match, it was my first any kind of match! Here where the elite even talking to me! It was certainly a great experience.

At my 3rd ever IPSC match shooting the 98 AWARE I attended a free class from Matt Burkett. I asked a grip question and next thing I know, I was up in front of the class with Matt going over the entire process for about 45 minutes. At the end he autographed his book and gave it to me for free!

I love the peronalities in the shooting sports where ethics seem to still mean something!

George Orwell: "That rifle on the wall of the labourer's cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there."
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When the SHOT Show was in Atlanta, Matt Burkett came out to our gun club during the monthly USPSA match and gave a free seminar on shooting for anyone who wanted to attend. I drove out for his seminar, found it very informational, and second the vote for him as a very class act.
I have ccalled Matta few times and E-mailed him a few more, he has always replied to any quesions that i have asked. Having never met me he was not upset at me calling his home and asking questons. I third the nomination.
Hey guys, thanks for the compliments. I just wish I had found this forum existed earlier so I could help out more. Actually found it looking at my statistics on my web site. :) If anyone does every need any help, please contact me by email [email protected] or by phone at 480-949-1553

Take care and see you on the range!

Matt Burkett
I shot the IDPA western Regionals saturday and there was Matt, giving free instruction to a new guy who needed major help with this stance/grip/posture, etc. He gave him (and those of us nearby) plenty to think about in about 15 min. This sport is great - having guys like this to help bring people along. These top shooters really pour themselves into helping others out.
Jim, not a problem. :) Help out as much as I can. It really bothers me to see people holding themselves back with too much tension and bad technique.

BTW we can always set up a class. :) hehe

Take care and see you at the next one.

Matt Burkett

Welcome to these forums.

Shoot steel fast,


Jim O'Young
Proud to be sponsored by:

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