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The schedule for most of the matches in the Augusta GA area is:
First Friday at Shooters Indoor Range
Mostly IDPA style. PPC at times. Start at 7:00. 706-860-7778
Second Saturday IDPA at Pinetucky Gun Club.
Register at 9:00 Start at 9:30. 706-592-4230
Third Thursday at Shooters Indoor Range.
Third Saturday at Straight Shooters in Graniteville SC. USPSA 803-663-6454
Third Saturday IDPA Savannah River Rifle & Pistol Club. Sorry no phone #.
Fourth Saturday PPC at Pinetucky Gun Club.
Except September when its on the 15th.
There is a Cowboy Action club in Jackson SC but I don't have a contact there either.
If I missed any please post a reply or if you have a contact for the two clubs I don't please post that too.
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